prayer for forgiveness for all the wrong doings

Dear God,

I humbly come to you and thank you for providing a man in my life that I am in a relationship and as I am approaching 3 yrs in this l, I have sacrificed, I have loved so hard with my heart and my soul in this and I believe that he does as well, we have grown and came so far through obstacles and trails and still stand, I ask that you will bless us together and individually I ask you for your presence, and guidance in bringing us stronger and let us get to the place we were are both sync and feel it is the right time as we are both in our late 20’s and have gone through many things in life than most our age have not gone through, please let every sacrifice have been worth it and please bring us to a union where we can get married and have a family, money is not an issue so whatever is blocking us to get to that point Lord I ask you to remove it and bring us to peace, happiness and clarity let us work on improving our flaws and being together in a union under your eyes. Forgive us for any wrong doings and please let us be in a relationship full of joy and love. Let us get married as I feel it is right time in hopes it’s in your will and in our life bring us to that place were we can feel assurance in each other and remove any doubt and anything that does not come from you.

in Jesus name,

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