Prayer for Forgiveness and To Go Through Life Well

by Frank (Richmond, Indiana)

Lord I have done wrong most of my life and I am so sorry. Thank you for never given up on me. I have children that deserve so much and yet I have given them so little. I love all my children more than I do myself. One day I pray that I can give them everything they deserve.

My dear Wife has stayed by my side through the bad times and good times. She is everything a man could ask for. I often feel down and wish just one time things would look up for my family. Every day I am stressed over a bill or not being able to hand my kids five dollars That is all they ask for. It really breaks my heart and makes me sad. If I ever become rich I hope you show me the right road and let me help the poor.

I don’t care what they use the money for because it is not my place or anybody else to judge them, I want them to be happy. If only for one day. What’s wrong with that? God bless everyone on here who deserves better and really are good people. Thank you for listen Lord………Thank you.