Prayer for Forgiveness and Strength to Carry On in This Life

by Gillian (New York)

Dear God,

I am sorry for hurting you with my sins. I married a man that I know that I love but wanted him to change. I got married because I did not want to commit fornication.

I married a man that was illiterate and did not want to improve himself. I fought to pay the bills, I took care of his children from previous relationships because I thought that I was doing the will of God, but here I am now alone and they have gone on with their lives and he is refusing to give me a divorce.

He hurt me so bad and some days I cant believe that the human heart could hurt this bad. I watched a movie called the “War Room” It made it seem that there was nothing that prayer couldnt do but it seemed like my marriage is so bad that it is past fixing. He tries to reach out to me but I cant even talk to him because I can’t believe that anyone could be wicked and evil, but then I remember that we are wrestling with spiritual forces.

Dear God, Am I wasting my time praying for him, or is it some prayers cannot be answered because God cannot force anyone. Dear God you know the evil that has been done to me, but today I turn my life over to prayer. To you restore us again.

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