Prayer For Forgiveness And Save My Marriage

by PAUL (San Antono, TX, USA)

Dear God:

I know that I am not worthy and thus humbly beg for your mercy and God, in Jesus name I ask that you grant me the grace of saving my marriage.

I have been married for just six months with a woman I known for 8 years and love very much. She has a 10 year old daughter that I have known since she was two years old. I consider to me my child. The time since we got married has been very difficult and we have grown apart. I suspect that she is involved in another relationship but, will not believe it. She is very rude with me and will not come close to me. When we talk it always end in an argument. She is out almost every night and returns very late (past 3 am). I know that I have made a lot of mistakes and I regret all of them. She expected me to give her a different life and I disappointed her and my daughter. For this I am very sorry.

Please fill our hearts with forgiveness and infinite love for each other. Make use reconcile or differences so that our marriage that had a very bad beginning can become a long, happy and glorious marriage. Remove all outside influences that separate us. I love her and my daughter very much. I forgive her and I ask that you fill her heart with forgiveness for me and Lord that you forgive us both.

I know that there are too many people that are suffering and need your help and I beg that you assist them in their time of need. Grant them the grace and healing that they need even if they do not ask.

I place all my love, faith and trust in your hands and in your words “Ask, and Ye Shall Receive”, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do”.


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