Prayer for Forgiveness and Restoration

(United States)

Father God, I am pray for myself and my family. Father I know I have not been the perfect mother to my children and I have not always made the wisest decision concerning myself and my family spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

I know the deep down these decisions have hurt my children in more than one way to the point that they care but don’t care about me as their mother. Father, I know as they begin to spread their wings and build their own families that I will not be a priority in their lives which at times hurts especially when I am going through a crisis and I reach out to them and they do not respond or care.

Father, I am just praying that whatever I have done as a mother to hurt them knowingly and unknowingly that they will forgive me and Lord, that you will deliver us from all curses, residue from these sins and transgressions and restore us as a family unit that puts you first in our lives and serve you. In Jesus Name, Amen

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