Prayer for Forgiveness and Reconciliation

by Helen (United Arab Emirates)

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for the salvation of my husband and my marriage. He left for one year came back for six months and now he is leaving again. I pray that you will give him a miracle or a Vision as this is what he waiting for to see what he should do going forward,

I know Dear Lord that for you nothing is impossible and I have seen many miracles of the past two years. I have seen many prayers being answered. I know that you can change a heart of stone to lambs wool. I trust and believe in you with all my heart Lord Jesus and I know that everything happens In Your time. Please help me to be patient. I pray that you give me the strength and wisdom to carry on not only for myself but also for my children. Lord Jesus I have committed many sins and I know that you have forgiven me. I ask that you speak to my husbands heart and ask him to forgive me too and also to forgive himself. Please Jesus I ask you to hear my prayers. I have been married for twenty two years and they were always happy until we sinned and drifted away from each other. I ask you to please show my two beautiful boys the power of God. They are praying for our marriage to be saved. Please hear my prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ the Almighty Father in Heaven.

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