Prayer for Forgiveness and Peace

Dear Lord, I pray that the pain and sorrows that I am going through in this trial should come to an end. I know thy lord that I have sinned a lot and have dishonored you Lord. I come to you with so much of worry, pain and sadness. I have pleaded you for forgiveness and I know that you have forgiven me.

I am thankful for the changes which I am seeing in me now but there are still things that I would want it to end badly. I pray that whoever the person, who is posting crude things about me on someone else’s account should stop what they are doing. I also hope that my name is not being polluted around to other people as well. I want this all to stop so badly.

It is really hurting me badly and it is making my day go bad. I pray that the pain we have caused fades quickly and everything should be back to normal. I really want all the past to be forgotten by all and I want to regain my peace. Please thy Lord, bless me with the abundance of peace and serenity.

Please they Lord, I have trust in you. I pray Jesus that you would also cover my prayer with your holy blood and place my prayer in your heart so that thy Heavenly Father will accept my prayer and bless me. I have trust in you thy Lord that you have heard my prayer and I know you will not fail me. Please thy lord, help me.

The lord is my savior, please help me. Amen.

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