prayer for forgiveness and grace in your works

by Christopher (United States)

Heavenly father. I have made mistakes, and I have tried to the best of my knowledge to do what’s beat for my wife and I in terms of what my future should hold with a career. Since I truly gave my faith and life to you these past weeks, I’ve listened and heard your commands, but knowing I’m leaving a field of work that has caused so much personal dismay for me, I’m nervous that my desires for the career YOU know I long for in my heart may not come swiftly enough to take care of our finances.

I trust in you fully Lord and know that despite my understanding of how you plan on blessing my life for the career I need, and the one you will put me in to do your works, I will keep praising your name and know despite my worries, you’ve promised zero struggles and that I will never again work withim a hateful environment.

In your grace I rest, and name I proclaim, Amen!

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