Prayer for forgiveness and financial help

by Sandhya (Hyderabad)

Sacred Apostle, St Jude, please pray on my behalf. I am here for the first time and i please request you to pray for me to come of this hopeless, impossible situation. Completely overwhelmed with debts, with no to little time to pay off.

I am daily confessing with all my heart to lord Jesus that i have made mistakes and to please give me one single chance to stand up as a living testimony of his never ending grace and promised him that i will never go into the past ways.

Pleading every second, but hopeless situation is becoming more hopeless. But, still i hope that God is surely going to answer my prayer as this time i am completely dependent on him only than on my own ways.

In this regard, apostle St Jude i need your prayer help to pray on my behalf to Jesus to make this hopeless situation hopeful. Please with lots of hope i submit my request to you in Jesus name-Amen