Prayer for Forgiveness and Direction

Dear Lord,

I made a mistake with someone very dear to me and they will not forgive me. They will not even talk to me. I prayed for guidance when I wrote my last letter asking for their forgiveness but it was to no avail. I felt peaceful after I wrote that last letter because I had said everything I had needed to say.

But now the sadness is coming back again. Dear Lord I ask for your assistance to soften their heart to forgive me or if that is not your will your help and strength in getting through this. I would just like some direction on which way to go.
In this your name I pray.

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  1. Forgiveness and Direction

    When we ask for forgiveness we have done a great deed. Leave it there and know that God see’s your heart. God only expects us to do our part – their part is in their hands. Lift your head up and know that your greatest friend is God!

  2. Ask and leave the rest to Father God.

    You have already asked for forgiveness. You can ask them one more time-then move on with your life and let God handle the rest. After asking for forgivness, the ball is in their camp, not yours. Just leave the issue with Father god to deal with it over time. You did your part, wether they forgive you or not is not your problem anymore. It’s theirs. If they can’t forgive you, Father God will not also forgive them when that day comes! Relax.

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