Prayer for forgiveness and courage in love

by Natalie (Ca)

Please saint Jude intercede on behalf of me and my ex Derek. He can’t admit to me, but he can to others that he does love me. This hurts so bad because I never asked this of him and I was happy with his indifference. But now that I know he feels this way it makes me sad that he can’t find the courage to tell me.

And at the same time, I have to be forgiven for the mistakes I have made since we parted. I hope that if he ever does get the courage to tell me this, that he will be able to forgive me for what I did when we were apart. Because love doesn’t fade even though distance is created and kept sacred. I love him still and miss him every day. I just wish he could have respected me enough to be an honest person and a giving partner.

If he can ever be that to me then please give him the courage to speak to me.

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