prayer for forgiveness and bring back lost trust.

by Jamest (Polokwane,South Africa)

i want the lord to help my wife forgive me for being unfaithfull to her,i have cheated on her several times and have betrayed her trust and faith in me.she used to be deeply in love but nw she is cold.she doesnt have any trust in me anymore and the love that we both used to enjoy is no longer there .

i truely love my wife and hv since changed .she is someone i cant help live without and she rily is the love of my life.i ask of the lord to help her heal from the past nd that she accepts me back into her life.i want the lord to help her choose friends who are constructive nd who do not influence to give up on me.we have been together for six years now and for all these years we hv been in love but with some fights here and there because of mistrust caused by my infedelity.

i pray that the lord restore our relationship to its initiall stage when we were head over heels for each other and she would tell me she loves me 3 to 4times a day kiss me hug me and would not want to miss me even for a single minute.

i knw she loves me but the problem she cant trust anymore and now that there is distance involved between us i fear this can worsen the problem and work to my disadvantage..

she might choose to find someone close to her since we no longer bond well because of mistrust and am afraid she might also be tempted to reconcile with her husband who is that side she has moved to.i pray this in Jesus name,Amen