Prayer for Focus and relationships

by Liziwe (Birmingham. UK)

God grant me the strength to focus in the things that are important in my life: family; my education; work and being the parent you created me to be. Dear God, help me to get a better home for myself and my children. Unto you I give all my troubles, worries, fears and tribulation.

I am finding it so hard lord to manage on my own, send me a spouse who will be my friend, love and a shoulder to cry on in these lonely dark nights and days. Guide my tongue and footsteps so I can Spk the words that heal others, walk in your way where I know I will be fully protected from the evil spirits of this world and spare me the company of negative friendships for this is my downfall.

I thank you for each day that I breath, walk, see, hear and carry out day by day activities without having someone to support me. Thank u for my being able bodied and thank you for enabling me to afford food and warmth for my entire family. I pray for widows, orphans, the homeless and the elderly.

Please give them peace and keep them warm tonight. Amen