Prayer for Fixing a Friendship Over a Silly Misunderstanding

by Samantha (New Zealand)

Dear St Jude

Please help me. My friend who i consider an Aunty that I never had isn’t talking to me. We had a silly misunderstanding and she was annoyed with me, but i had no idea i was annoying her as she never said something. I wish she had told me about it earlier and I would have backed off.

She said I was too clingy with her but that’s the way I am, i would message her to chat with her or see how she is because I enjoy talking to her, but it annoyed her and I am hurt by her message to me. But I am willing to back off in order to respect her and keep our friendship.

I really wish this never happened. I want my Aunty back and hope she starts talking to me again instead of ignoring me. I gave her some space but i really want to fix this. I sent her a message last night apologising again and that i want her to forgive and give me a second chance. She hasn’t replied yet, I am worried she will reject me and that our friendship is over. I really don’t want it to end.

I miss and respect her so much. I pray that she understands and forgives me and that she replies to my message. I desire seeing her soon before the Xmas break to tell her I’m sorry. I don’t hate her or anything, i have nothing against her, i just wish everything was back to normal, i don’t want her to hate me. Amen

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