Prayer for first time home buyer!

by Urika (Florida)

My husband and I have been approved for a FHA Mortgage in the range of 125k to 160k. We have been searching since October in the Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Florida area. We have placed several offers on some great single family homes nada townhouse, only to be out bidded or low balled by investors with tons of cash, frustrating to say the lest.

We have been praying and we believe in our faith, however, we got some news today that at least 15 other FHA buyers are going through this same thing. I am asking for prayer for my husband and I and the other FHA buyers who are having the same experience.

Please pray for us, we want to experience something our parents never were able to or had a chance to do, purchase a home! I am a believer and believe that with many, prayers are even stronger!

Thank you!