Prayer for Finding Love in the Right Time and Place

by Susan (Newjersey)

Dear God,

Please make it possible for the man that I have found again to move through his complicated issues and see the way out of them so that we can be together until death due us part. We have loved eachother for so long yet things do not seem to work out and we have gone our separate ways each time we met up in the past.

This time we finally admitted how we felt about eachother and it is so amazing just communicating on the phone with him. I don’t want to lose him again, but I know what is your will, will be done. I just pray that this is your will.

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  1. luke quote

    i have the same problem. i met a girl 2 yrs ago. can’t stop thinking about her. I have been looking for her. friends suggest i may be able to find her at a meeting happening tomorrow. the luke quote seek and ye shall find is inspiring. i pray i find her tomorrow and I can say the right things to bring us together.

    thank you to the person who posted luke 1 19

  2. need some advice from a God filled Gentleman

    I met a gentleman on a dating website a year ago, we talked for a while then we made LOVE. We only made LOVE once. May 25th 2014. He lives 1 1/2 hours away & I’ve lived in Arizona for a year in half. I’m 48 now he’s a year younger. I don’t have a car. We can’t stop thinking about each other. He text me 3 times a week how much he misses touching me, smelling me, my smile and eyes. I’ve asked Jesus if he’s not my God fearing husband please help me to move on with my life. The more I try to forget him the more I think about him and his two beautiful daughters. He told me a week ago he’s dating someone, but 5 days later he text me and tells me he misses me. I told him it makes me feel good knowing that one love session is still in his heart and mind. Which means we are meant to be FOREVER. The female text me on FB & calls me a slut. I wonder what he told her about me(lol). I didn’t respond. Now after a year for the first time he’s blocked me on FB. She probably found out that he texted me how much he truly misses me and made him block me. I’m still praying for him and I to be together spite him being with her. Am I wrong for this? What could he have told her about me to make her call me out my name and she has never met me then made him block me. Opinions please oh, I’m a Christian first and foremost but I haven’t dated anyone else.

  3. Hopeless

    Yet i am going through the same thing. i just ask can we just get it right. i know we love one another and enjoy each other company. should i stay or leave. undecided but i want to be truely happy and going up and down with each other every four monthes…. Help!!!!!

  4. Follow your Heart

    Luke 11:9
    Ask and Ye shall Recieve; Seek and Ye Shall find; Knock and the door shall be open unto you!

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