Prayer for finding freedom immoral dreams

by Simon ()

Hello, just so everyone knows, I’m a 15 year old, right in the depths of puberty, and thanks to this, I have in the past been trapped in pornography and masterbation, Christ freed me from this and cast the spirits and things in my life linked to sin out of my life for good in the name, power, and athority of my Lord and Savior and Deliverer Jesus Christ, but every week and a half or two weeks,

I’ll have a sexual dream, sometimes even a vivid dream in which I masterbate in my dream, and when I awake I feel great shame and conviction, and find that I has ejaculated in my sleep,

I’ll beg for forgivness, cleansing, breaking of evil bonds, and cast out demons and devils and satan in the name, power, and athority of my Lord and Savior and Deliverer Jesus Christ, but then I sometimes have this happen again, and it is torture,

I feel like I am trapped in a rut not unlike the rut of pornograhpy and masturbation Christ freed me from, I pray to Christ to take away temptation to do these things, and he does, and I’m going to start thanking him for every day

I wake up without having one of these dreams, because it is dreadful to be in fear that these dreams will return, recently I prayed for deliverence from these dreams and anything and everything causing them or related to them or linked to them, and for that matter and spirit or anything in my life that is not God the Heavenly Father my Creator,

My Lord and Savior and Deliverer Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit which dwells within me. I have faith that Christ is putting and end to these dreams, but I want you fellow Christian who have suffered from sexual sin in the past but are now free through Christ to pray for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and Deliverer to free me from this sexual temptation and masterbating, pornographic, fornicating, sinful and sexual dreams forever!

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  1. Rosary

    Recite the rosary daily you will find it on the Internet

    Go to confession this Sacrament will purify your soul and drive

    Satan away .Try and attend mass often.keep holy pictures in your

    house and holy water bless yourself regularly with it.

    Make friends with the Angels and saints .St.Faustina, St .Therse,

    St. Padre Pio etc. can help with many problems we may have.

    Hope this helps.

    God Bless.

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