Prayer for finding a job soon

by Annonymous (Perth Australia)

Dear Heavenly Father Lord of Lords, I come before you this day my Father to lay my burden at your feet. Father, in Jesus name I ask you for a Miracle please Lord. I have been struggling to find a job for nearly five months now when I do make it to the interview someone else always seem to get the job above me.

Lord you know our needs we are so low however we lift ourselves knowing and trusting in you. Father you the only that keeps us going. We have no rent money let alone utilities as I have to use
My husbands hard earned money to make sure we have food and petrol for him to get to work. We are in a foreign country with no family and or support. I just want to work please Jesus.

Please help me Lord as I am a child of yours and I know you will not let us down. I thank and praise you dear Lord in Jesus wonderful name. I love you Lord. Amen

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