Prayer for Financilal Healing

by Daisy (Manila, Philippines)

Dear Lord,

You know my present pressing financial problems. The debts are mounting, the bills are to be paid, I need to provide and support my son. I do not have a new job or source of income. My property is mortgaged and I need to pay onerous interest and afraid that if I am unable to pay the interest, the properties maybe foreclosed.

Please send speedy recourse to this problem Oh Lord. I do not want to have more debts. I want to settle all existing debts soon. I want to pay the debts and loans from good and kind friends.

I also request that am gainfully employed again so there is income to sustain for me and my only remaining son (the older one already joined the eternal life). Please dear Lord, hear my prayers and take the depression, fear and anxiety inside of me. Thank you Lord for your grace and constant blessings. Amen.