Prayer for Financial Troubles

by Elaine (USA)

Please pray for God to help me with being able to pay all my bills on time and get out of debt. I owe a two people i have barrowed from the past and have not way to pay them back. I am a divorced mom of four and was hoping to purchase a home for my children. I am renting and see no way of purchaseing the home with my credit and currently loans owed. I am drowing in debt and no parents or family to help us. I am so exhausted and feel i can not provide for my children I have been divorce for 12 years and work a job that i know God has given me but it does not pay enough for me to get out of debt. I dated a man for six years thinking he would help and marry me. He wanted to move in without marrrige and i believe God will not bless that. He has since left and will not help us unless i move him in. my heart is broken and i feel so alone. I see no way out of this and my faith is thin, i have cried out to my GOd and begged him to send someone to help me get back on track with the bills and financials. Please pray for us. I keep telling my children to pray and know that God will provide, but i myself am so desprate and feel God is not helping me. I am two months behind and so scare to lose my car and be taken to to court for the loans i have not been able to pay. Plese GOd Please help me some how i know you are god and you know my heart i do not ask for riches just enough to not be behind and provide for the essientials.

thank you