Prayer for Financial Trial

by Dhee Manguiat (Dubai, UAE)

Dear Jesus,

I came here to ask for your help to help me to overcome this financial problem. I am not asking for too much wealth, only enough to sustain our financial needs everyday especially to support my daughter’s needs.

My husband lost his job for a couple of months ago because his employer cheated on them. They didn’t even pay them. We been in so many debt from different close people that we have and we didn’t know how to pay them back.

My husband is trying to work hard on finding a job but it seems that his fate to find a job is intentionally elusive. Please Lord, help us in this misery. I know you are the one who have the power to transform everything to where it should stand.

I am putting my full trust and faith in you. i do believe that your power is the greatest of among all. In Jesus name, I pray.. Amen!

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