Prayer for Financial Support

by Eishal (Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India)

Dear Almighty Lord,

Before I move on to the prayer request, for a minute let me thank you for all that you have blessed me with.I know you are a compassionate God who forgives people’s sin and accept them as your loving children.

Lord, as you know past one year I have been facing lot of financial problems in my life, I thought I could handle it but day by day its getting worse and yet I haven’t lost my faith on you and that’s why I have come before you, please do listen to my prayer and understand my tears that are falling from my eyes and help me Lord.

I very well know that, no problem is bigger or greater than you my Almighty God. God, I’m having a debt of 2,00,000 rupees and I really wish you could sort this out before this year ends and bless me with a new fresh life in 2016, by walking on the path that you guide me.

I believe you My Loving Father.I’m sure you are going to create a miracle and that you are going to let me give another testimony on New Year in church in front of a huge congregation.Praise the Lord !! Amen 🙂

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