Prayer for financial support in studies

Lord God, heavenly King of all Kings. I am trully sorry for all the wrong things I have done; in money, with my family, and the people around me. Forgive me, Oh Lord, and bring forth your shine in me. Bring light into my darkest hours of negative thinking.

Help me to finish school and help my family, for they always strive to support my needs but our resources isnt enough. Help me, Lord God and forgive me for asking too much in my helpless hours. Remind me of your abundance so that your grace will flow again in me. Help my family come up with the amount we need before the due. And Lord, thank You for always hearing me and not failing me. I hope and pray that this last chance of ours will bring good news and save me. Thank You, Lord God! I love you so much. Bless me and my family. Keep us safe from any danger, harm, sickness and evil.

All these I ask, in the glory of Your name,