Prayer for Financial Stability

by Heidi (Austin)

St. Joseph,

I ask that you intercede during this difficult time. We need relief from the financial burdens that keep pulling us down. Last week our electricity was disconnected and we found a way to get it turned back on, now our car will be gone in a few days and we risk losing our home in the weeks to come.
As a father, you provided shelter for Jesus. Our second son just turned a year old and has already lived in three homes. Our five year old has now lived in five homes. Please intercede to help us secure the financial means to stay in our home and avoid the stress of another move. If it is God’s will that we move, again, please help guide us to find a permanent home. Our children deserve to have a home.
As a father, St. Joseph, I know that you must understand the stress that this burden has placed on my husband. He works so hard to provide for us but the bills are always greater than what he earns. He is losing the glow in his eyes and I can see his pain. Please, intercede so that the pain that this burden has caused can be lifted off of him and the light will return to his eyes. Help guide him as the protector of our family to make decisions that will lead to financial stability.
As a husband, St. Joseph, you supported Mary through all of her decisions. I ask for your support and the guidance of my husband’s support, as I must make difficult decisions concerning the well-being of my family. The decisions I make are so important and I truly don’t know which choices I should make. I need guidance to make the right choices. I have followed the path I felt God has guide me down, but now I’m losing faith in my choice. Intercede and ask that I receive a sign so that I should know the right choices to make.
I ask all of this in the name of Jesus.

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