Prayer for Financial Stability

by Unknown (New York, NY)

I would like to ask that everyone might pray for me a prayer that I might find

a job which will allow me to provide a decent living for myself without abundant worry as to were the next dollar will come from.

I am alone and have no one to care for me so if I can’t work and make a
sufficient living for myself…I’m cooked.

Dear Lord,

I praise and thank you for your mercy and grace. I come before you with
heavy financial burdens and instability of income. I pray you will see favor with me and bless me with an income that will secure my finances and give me the monies I need to support myself sufficiently. Father, I give you all the
glory and honor due your name and I pray this prayer in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Thank you my fellow Brothers and Sister for your intersession.

God Bless.

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