Prayer for financial stability, Marital love, peace and joy.

by Juliet (Canada)

Oh my dearest St Jude Pray for me that I will be healed from this heart ache, hurts, pains and sorrow in this abusive marriage. Pray that I will be able to forgive everyone that’s hurt me and also to move on in my life. I pray God to grant me great success in my studies( praying for 1st class). Praying to be financially stable so if my husband wants to leave I will be able to take care of my two children without begging him for money. Pray that God will bring his peace and joy back into my life. Also pray for me that God will grant me second n third chances in everything in my life from now on especially in finances so that all my years of suffering at the hands of my husband will end. May God hear my prayers in Jesus name Amen St Jude Thaddeus pray for us.

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