Prayer for financial stability for my son & deliverance from his evil boss

Dear Lord, Dear St. Joseph, Dear Mother Mary,

Today is my son’s birthday. He has two beautiful little children and a wonderful home.

However the man he has worked for took advantage of his trusting way when he was a young man. He set him up with big banks, forcing a situation where my son had to take legal responsibility for all the.boss’ s illicit financial dealings. Ruining his name, his credit.

He can’t own a house or have a bank account in his name.

Dear Lord, Dear St. Joseph, Dear Mother Mary,
Please intercede with God the Father with my prayer asking to make this situation right. Please help my son find a way to clear his name, receive what is owed him, be free of these ten years of suffering. Cast out the devil from his life. Please protect his marriage and children. Have mercy on him. He needs spiritual strength and protection. He cannot continue to live this way, bearing all this hardship alone.

Dear God please have mercy. Amen..

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