Prayer for financial solution and job

Dear Lord,

I thank you for giving us every food we eat everyday because it has been more than a year that i don;t have a job.

I am sorry for all that I have done and for sinning.

I believe in You and nothing else as I walk this journey of life and this time is my most difficult time of my life where I have no work and i have nowhere to go. I pray earnestly that You will bless us a buyer of our lot so we can have some money to finance our daily needs and help us pursue our dream of migrating to Canada. We want to start a new life there and I pray that You will always guide us the right way and decisions to help us sin no more and life a life in God’s way. I keep on believing that You are always on my side each second of my life to keep me safe and under Your divine care.

May Your divine intervention be with our family always.

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