prayer for financial security, peace, and protection from evil

by Matt (Nj)

Lord, Please forgive me for my sins, my vices and for losing my way by not following your light, I am grateful for the things that i do have though they are few and in the end meaningless. I have been struggling lord, failure after failure, and loss after loss and streaks of misfortune, please come into my life and rid me and my family of this negative energy and malicious forces that do us harm. Bless me in my new business venture and help me build it strong and successful, please bring upon me and my family all we could ever need for as long as we reap the harvest of the fruits of heaven we shall never go hungry, please bring good fortune and erase the bad, allow us to rise to the occasion and prosper in happiness, good fortune, and wealth so we can share our vast assets with others around us. Bring unto us your pure light to eliminate all evil and keep it away so we may not live in fear of the unknown, that we may live life to the fullest. Please stand behind me Lord for I must move forward to provide for my family and obtain great wealth it is a necessity for me to do this for them please bless my journey and show me the way guide me so i will not get lost and when it is over we shall all bask in the light of heaven, in the house of the lord. Be with me father, in Jesus Name AMEN !!

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