Prayer for Financial Relief

by Shanna S. (Winnemucca, NV, USA)

Dear Lord,

I sit here in my lonely room in dispair. I now have been here now for over a year in a place so far from home. I have cried out to you O’Lord so many times to please help direct me in the right way for not only me but for my children too. From the moment i came to this descilate town i have not been able to gain employment to support me and my children leaving me no choice but to move in with my father and stepmother. After being in the same situation for a year regardless of the several attempts to find work and the many prayes I have prayed to you I discovered that my one main job reference had been giving a bad reference stating that i was not rehirable. Was this the cause for no employment gain? Lord i sent my children to live with their father so I could take EMT classes and hoping that with my children being with their father that i could concentrate on my studies that i may thrive and pass so i could gain that financial stability with my EMT. The one main tool that I need to pass my class was stolen by my own family member the very day i got it. Why dear Lord is this happening to me when i have prayed so much to please help me. I feel just as i have recieved my answer and help from above that it is taken from me just as fast. I am in despair now and i am once asking for guidence. My children are being taken care of by their fathers mother as their father has been drinking every day and cannot care for them. I am so far away and I don’t even have the means to get them home to me. I no longer have the means to continue with my EMT class as my device was stolen from my drug addicted family member who does not care. The car dealership came to my home to reposes my car today as i sent what income i had to my children to help their grandmother care for them, and yet i still have no home to call my own for when the day comes and my children come home. Dear Lord I am so lost, lonely and knumb. I feel as if there is no more hope for this seems like a never ending battle. All I ask for lord is to please help me find my way and show me what i am to do. I ask you Lord today for financial gain so that i may obtain a home, transportation and a way for my babies to come home. I miss them so much dear lord and they deserve to be with their parent who loves them so much, as i feel like i have let them down as a mother when i sent them away so i could focus on our future just to have it taken away and now i can’t fund their way home. Please I beg of you Dear Lord ease my pain and direct me in the right way. Amen..

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