Prayer for Financial Relief to Help Us to Pay Our Bills

by Alice (Greensboro,North Carolina,US)

God, I need you now. I’m asking that you send financial favor in my life today. The rent is due today and other bills to and I am stressed and do not know what I am going to do. I have been unemployed for over year and I need you to help me also find a job. God, this struggle is too hard for me. I can not bare it anymore.

Any bad luck or curses that has been put against me and my love ones, I ask that you remove it in Jesus name. God, I am begging you to give me a miracle today. I am depressed and scared. I need a huge financial blessing today,today,today. My rent is $850, and I do not have it.I have no food, my car,utilities and other bills are around $500 and I do not have it. God, send me can doers, send me help today.

I’m tired of the struggle Lord. God, if you don’t help me I will fall by the waste side. You said, ask and it shall be given, I am asking in your name to bless me financially today. Touch the rent man’s heart not to evict me and my kids, touch the bill collectors heart to leave me alone and work with me. Please God, help me now. Please.You are all I have God.

In the name of Jesus,