Prayer for Financial Relief and Employment

Dear God,

I am at a crossroads that I don’t know how I got myself into. I blamed others, but they only guided me to falling. I failed to listen to your voice telling me to be still. Failed to hear you tell me be patient. Here I am unemployed by my own failing, my doubts causing me to lose faith and make wrong choices time after time it seems.

I don’t know where to go. I feel like a failure. I have tried Lord to help others, and I seem to ask help from those unwilling to care. I am at my lowest. I am trying. I don’t want to lose my house. I have looked for a job. I ask you to help me. Help me be strong, help me remember that this cannot be how it ends for me. I feel so weak with no one to support me after all that I have done for family, friends and strangers.

I try. I just want a job, I want to keep my house. I am behind… I need strength, guidance and wisdom in my life. I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to give up. I will continue to pray Lord, pray for those who need more than me for their health. I just ask for relief. I know I haven’t gone to church. I wasn’t raised that way, but I know you exist.

I know you were with me that day and others guiding me when I listened. Please help me listen again. Let my mind be still. My will strong and see this through and anyone else feeling just as weak, lonely and afraid.

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