Prayer for Financial Provision

by Pamela (Singapore)

Dear Father,

You know the struggle in my heart, whether to trust that you are able to provide our financial needs despite wrong decisions like borrowing from credit cards and money lenders. Please forgive me for my unbelief and for not trusting you enough to provide just what we need early on.

Could you please give me one more chance to correct the wrong I’ve done. Creditors are now after me and despite prayers for my husband to find a job, he still remains jobless for almost a year now. I have no one to turn to, nowhere to run…You’re the only one we’ve got. Please do not forsake me.

I need you to answer my prayer for financial breakthrough and to provide what we need everyday. Thank you for the job that I have now. Please sustain me until we are able to pay off every debt we have and live a debt-free life so that we are able to give glory to your name.

Please bless my husband’s interview today, that he will get a job soon.

Thank you for all that you have provided for us. Thank you for your son Jesus Christ who is able to feel for us, pray for us. Oh Holy Spirit, guide me in your wisdom, to make the right decisions, especially in my finances. You are great and you are good. You are my deliverer, my provider. I trust that you will deliver and provide in your perfect time. Amen

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