Prayer for Financial Prosperity from God

by Robert Lowe (Lawrence, MA USA)

Dear Prayer People;

Hello and God Bless You All;

Will you all please PRAY for me? I am stressed in Deep Traumatic Emotional Pain, and I am at the End of My Rope. I really need the Lord Jesus and God to bring Joy, Prosperity, Peace, Love and Happiness into My Life soon. It is Thursday, January 03, 2013 and I am Please asking People to Pray for me. I really need the Lord to Please Help me to get a New Permanent Job.

I really need the Lord Jesus to Bring some Joy and Happiness into my Life soon. I was Laid OFF of WORK again on March 30th, 2012 due to the Bad Economy. I am still Unemployed, with No Job, and really Suffering Bad Economically and Bad Emotionally, with a lot of Pain and Stress.

I really need and want a Good Job and I need God to Please Bless me NOW Financially and with some Prosperity. I am praying myself at Home alone to God for Help, and I am asking also that you and other People Please PRAY for Me.