Prayer for Financial Prosperity and Clearing of all Debt

by Martin (Perth)

May I please request that you help me to overcome my financial challenges and meet all my obligations? I am aware I have made some mistakes and have also been waiting on others to pay me.

I thank you for helping in this situation and to help me to fulfill all my obligations in a timely manner and to reduce the pressure of the demands from my creditors.

I have been working and communicating with them and request your ongoing help Lord in helping me to continue to earn well and to meet all my obligations.

I thank you for giving me the faith and knowledge as well as wisdom to make the right decisions and to help me fulfill my obligations and meet all my needs.

Thank you for helping me as well as my creditors and debtors to bring equilibrium and good to this situation.

I have been very helpful and kind to others and they have now let me down. I ask for help in rectifying this situation for all concerned.

Thank you in the name of the Lord.