Prayer for Financial Progress and Stability and to be able to Pay all our Debtss

by Marissa (Philippines)

St Jude I humbly seek for your help in making me sustain my faith. I meekly ask for forgiveness if I sometimes lose my belief and thinking that life is so unfair. I really do not want to be weak with my faith to the Lord Almighty. I tried to seek strength in facing the financial constraints our family is encountering right now.

I am sorry if I sometimes get so selfish in thanking God for all the blessings we have received in the past. I know I was short minded with some things in life. I seek for Gods forgiveness in all the shortcomings and immaturity I have shown despite the financial blessings our family has received.

But now our family is indeed having serious financial problems. We are drowning in debts. And all I cling for is your help in saving us from these trials. Please help us seek for God’s mercy in returning back the financial blessings and progress we need so that we would be able to pay all our debts. We really wanted to pay all of our debts but we do not have money anymore. Yet I believe that nothing is impossible with you in the name of Jesus the son of god and our Savior.

St Jude please please I humbly pray that you help my husband get new big projects so that we may be able to pay all those whom we owe hundred thousands of debts and so that we could also save this time and be more disciplined in handling our finances.

I know this is material need yet I know that you understand the situation. We honestly want to pay all our debts and have abundant income for all our needs and bills to pay as well as salaries of people who depend on our business.

I pray that you allow our businesses to progress so that those who work for us will likewise be paid on time. And that all our financial obligations will be supported without anxiety and uncertainty.

Please save us from any further stress and unhappiness.
Bless us with humility yet with financial stability so that we may likewise be helping those who people unselfishly work for us too.

Protect us from any bad things St Jude.

I sincerely ask for all these through St. Jude together with Jesus our savior and through the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

Please hear my prayers!

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