prayer for financial problem

by Mrs.Veena (Lahore Pakistan)

Dear God my prayer for financial problems .you know every thing very well . i need your help please Lord bless in my husband’s business please complete his all Deals in Jesus name. dear Lord i need your help right now . dearest God please bless in my husband business .and its not enough take care of my electricity bills and kids school and collage dues.dear God i need this financial blessing now and i also especial prayer for my elder daughter for her result which is held on 21 or 22 September please give her successful marks.. my dear God i need a miracle and only you can provide that miracle.And i from the bottom of my heart prayer for my husband moody or selfish nature .please change his nature in the name of Jesus Christ .bless all my kids in there studies and give them successful future may all my kids wishes come true in Jesus name.and give me my husband and my kids healthy life .i prayer u will hear me in the name of Jesus and forgive me for all my sins i request you provide a financial miracle with uncountable thanks your’s loving daughter .

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