Prayer for Financial Problem Help

I pray for the money to pay my bills.

I am not looking for a fortune, although my debt is quite extreme.
I am losing my home and struggling just to get my day to day bills paid.
I pray constantly for a way out of this mess, but it just seems to get worse.
Just when I think I am ahead, something blind sides me and someone else is looking for money.
I have very few bills that are under $1,000, but all I ask is for enough to get through the next few weeks so that I am not afraid to answer the phone.
My home phone is in danger of being cut off, so they will be calling me at work.
I could lose my gas, electricity and water soon too.
I am close to being sued for defaults and have no money for 2 mortgage payments.
I have always been generous and giving, but now, when I am in such a desperate state, I am alone with my problems.
I am starting to have chest pains and the stress is taking its toll with my blood pressure.
Please, dear Lord, give me peace.

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