Prayer for Financial Need

by Lisa ()

Lord Jesus, I pray for a financial breakthrough, I have been thru the death of a loved one that was unexpected and endured great losses, endured an abusive partner and had the strength to leave, endured losses from that relationship, loss of a job, depleted finances, my place of residence and all my material possessions, I have endured so much and as my search for a job continues you tend to lose your sense of identity how do you start over when you have lost everything… others say when you are at the end of your rope to hang on, Lord I have endured more than I can bear. Please show mercy and open a door to rebuild from get losses not only financially but a residence and all that follows as the means of survival in this world. I love you more than life itself Lord but this is more than I can bear. Please agree in prayer with me of this great need. God Bless You All… I keep applying for jobs page after page after page, where is the opportunity and which direction do I go Lord.

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