Prayer for Financial Need and Wisdom

by Beth (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

St. Jude,

I beseech you to pray for wisdom and strength as I face the financial needs and limitations in meeting those needs and debt. I ask for your support and assistance in finding funds to make payments while incurring no further debt. I ask you to pray for me for the money to assist my niece in college, while still caring for my financial concerns.

I ask you to ask the Sacred Heart to shine His love and peace on me, the Blessed Virgin to reach down and as a mother calm my anxious heart and fearful mind, and the Holy Spirit to grant me wisdom and internal solace as I face these challenges in days ahead. This feels hopeless and desperate, and yet you are our patron for such cases. Hear my plea, pray on my behalf, and guide me through the dyas to come. Through Jesus name I pray,