Prayer for financial miracles

by ALEX (India)

Heavenly Father, we have traveled through the journey of life only on account of your benevolence and patience with us. We deeply regret and confess all our sins and trespasses which resulted in arriving at a bottomless pit with tons of debt and financial obligations.

Your wonderful mercy dear Lord, has time and again bailed us out of hopeless situations and God Bless all those wonderful Samaritans who have offered unconditional financial support and moral strength to tide over our crises.
We are today approaching you for compassion and grace to enable us clear the debts of those who have bailed us out and immediate financial obligations. We owe a deep moral and social obligation to repay our debts to our supporters when all around was lost and sinking. There are couple of financial deals which are knocking at our doorstep which if materialize amicably can clear our obligations to a large extent….however, the agonizing wait for a positive result in such cases is unbearable.
Depriving our children and my wife of basic needs is a guilt and shame I will carry as a cross for a lifetime….

I desperately seek God’s grace to please bestow your special blessings on our family to tide over the current financial impasse which has deadlocked our relationships within the family and making us skeptical of our next move.
This special petition and prayer with a fervent heart and fond hope, we offer in the name of our Lord Jesus. AMEN

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