Prayer for Financial Miracle

by Kim (Oklahoma)

Dear Lord God Almighty,

I come to you today and ask for a financial blessing as these past 6 months has been hard on our family and been struggling month to month. We both work but I was just laid off as of last month and my husband is trying his best but when no work is available at work he can’t work and its been rough to the point where we have gotten so far behind on bills as the job I was working I only would get maybe 20 hours a week if that.

My husband works in oilfield and there for awhile he was working His butt off to point where he just wanted to come home take shower and go bed, but now he maybe can get a full week in on his paycheck. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls and I feel like a big let down to our girls as we are struggling to support them. They don’t ask for things.

It has gotten so bad that we got behind on our rent and owe $3300 and now come the 31st we will be evicted from our home and will have nowhere to go as neither me or my husband have family left. Its not just rent but seems like everything. We explained to our girls that we wouldn’t be able to afford Christmas this year and they didn’t get mad or throw fit about it they said they understood but I cried as we couldn’t afford anything for them but they were able to afford to put 3 pieces of chocolate in my and their daddies stocking with a note saying” We will always love you and daddy no matter what circumstances we go thru”.

Was a hard Christmas Day for us but our girls understood. I’m just asking for a blessing or miracle to get us back on our feet. I will get to start another job but won’t be til after holidays and with good hours and pay but I’m afraid it might be to late for our family as come the 31st we will be evicted.

I’ve been praying and keeping my head up and I do wanna stay strong for my girls and believe a blessing or miracle is going to happen soon. I just ask to prayer for our family and that its all gunna work out before its to late.

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