Prayer for Financial Miracle

by Bruce (Chesapeake, VA, USA)

Almighty God: My family and I are in desparate need of a financial miracle that only you can provide. We need you to pour out your blessing now father, if you will please lord. Bless me to find the work that you created me to do and do it in a manner that pleases you father. Please protect our family from poverty and the strife caused by it. Please god satisfy the current monetary obligations we have and bless us with the work to meet all future obligations. We have no insurance to help with our medical needs now and as we grow older. Please god, only you the lord of lords, the host of host and the only true god, Jehovah, can grant us this prayer so,please god bless us with the money we need now and in the future. God please show me what to do to please you and find favor in your sight. Father, my family and I need your help now lord. Please help us father, please help us in Jesus name we pray! All praise, love, faith and glory go to you the most high god. AMEN

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