Prayer for Financial Miracle

by Sunshine (Virginia)

Dear Father God,

I thank you for life, provision and healing. Lord, my King, I pray to you with all my spirit to touch my financial situation and bless me so that I may not have room to receive it. You know Father how my finances are low, whereas I can barely pay my rent, provide food in the home for my precious children and pay for other bills that are essential for daily living. Father, you know how I carefully have to drive around without insurance on my car, because I don’t have the extra money to buy insurance. Through these adversities, Father God, through Jesus, you know I cry, but in faith, because I look with my spiritual eyes, and not my natural eyes. I come to you with a humble spirit and speak it into existence as you have given us the same power to do as you did when you spoke this world and our lives into existence.

Father God, through your dear son Jesus, I claim this financial miracle on my life. It is so.

Your Child of the most High God!

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