Prayer for financial miracle

Dear Lord,

I know that you are good to me. I know that you bless me in so many areas. You keep me and my family safe. You keep a roof over my head and food and clothes in and on my body. But Lord, money is such a problem. I have so many bills to pay and so many people to pay and I have not had a job since September 2015.

It has been so hard. I have used money from our business account and now it has been found out. I am in so much financial trouble until I just don’t want to go forward. My death would be hard on my son, but right now it is the only relief I see. Please help me. Please help me to replace the money in our business account.

I am so tired and wanted so much to get the money back before it was found. Now I don’t know what to do. I am sick, embarrassed and want to give up. Please God. Have mercy on me and help me.

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