Prayer for Financial Miracle

Dear Father, I thank you for all you’ve done for me, you have always been with me through thick and thin and you have never abandoned me even when I am at my worst. Dear Father, I thank you for the blessing that my two adopted sons have been in my life, the joy they have brought me even when we are out of food and with no idea where our next meal is coming from.

Father, you have always provided for us exactly what we need and in the past seven years we have never gone to bed hungry.

Father, recently the bank has threatened to repossess my house for being behind with my mortgage payments. Father, I dedicated this house to you, for I believe you gave me this house so that I could provide a decent home to my two sons. Father, I pray for a financial miracle, please provide us with exactly what is needed to save the house from the bank.

Father, I thank you for always providing for my children and I.

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