Prayer for Financial Miracle and Debt Out

by Mica (Philippines)

Lord please help me and to all people who will read this please pray for us also. My mother is sick and suffering from vit.hemorrhage in the left eye . She loss her vision because of internal bleeding , i cnnot help her , she need to be laser as soon as possible . This is the tough time for us i cnnot do anything but see her suffering, im losing hope i dnt have money. I have work but its not enough im full of salary loans that will end 3 years later . I tried to reloan the bank is not accepting reloans. I tried to loan over the counter but they did not allowing me so many reasons. I have so many debts outside salary deductions. Its my fault because i became luxurious, i let them borrow and borrow but now no one helps me. I cannot provide her need but everytime i stumbled she is there. Lord here my prayer , help me give me solution to my problem gave me helping , chance to win or anything coming from u that helps. thankyou lord