Prayer for financial job problems

by Prabha (Bangalore)

Dear jesus hello to you i am very upset, depressed, and many more. I do not understand why problems are always behind and near me and happiness always far, rare, adn stayes for sometime only. I have always been helpful to people around me in what ever i can, but i have worst life forget getting help i get only problems. It is said that GOD knows everything u please tell me why all these for me always i have never been happy in my life one or the other thing is always making me sad, upset, fedup, but still i am also struggling for what not sure. i am always worried about people around me. When I was around 16 years my parents family had same sort of problems so i stood and did whar ever possible things i could do. Now my husband is in same sort of situation with lots of debts and financial problmes.

i am trying to do whatever i can, but it is of not much help. I do not know what to do i am worried about my kids they are small and unaware of things happening to them, but every time we struggle in feeding them or struggling in paying there school fee and many more my heart cries and i cannot bear. I need a way to come out of these financial issues, open some door wherein we can come out of these problems.

Eventhough we are paying them the money they are not happy they keep asking, come near home, and people who were quite from some period of time also come back telling you still have to pay and some whom we have settled long back again meet us somewhere and say u have to still give some money. one way we are trying to come out of it, but on the other hand some old 3 or 4 years people who have actually nothing will fall on us for money. If we hae to pay we will, but if they say what u gave was incorrect or they say u delayed loss for us u have to still pay many more like this one or the other reason i do not know what i have to do. This is going very bad coming out of these sort of things is only though, but if like these new is anyhow we ae handling, but old also are coming with some reasons how to bear.

God if I and my husband have done some mistake or hurt anyone without the intention of hurting them or even by mistake if hurt anyone please forgive us “we would be very sorry for any mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly.” WE BEND FOR ALL OUR MISTAKES. Please GOD I want to give good life for my kids and I want to see my husband always happy as he has given me life. He has a good and a great heart to marry me. Eventhough i have white patches he has married me and loves me even now. I never want to see him unhappy and upset all the time. Please make him shine in his JOB and give him the strength, support, care, intelligence, etc so that he can work more and come out of his financial issues. I want to lead a happy life at least from now.

I am 35 years now which is too long that i have suffered please do not give me any more problems or troubles. Please give me also the power to support my husband and make sure we come out of these financial issues please PRAY FOR OUR FAMILIES PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS