prayer for financial independence to meet family’s needs

by Eugene (Adoor .Kerala ,India)

heavenly father,thank you for every help so far in my I am in a state that I truely have no money to meet the expenses of my family.namely for the expenses of my children’s education,and all other daily needs.My family’s future is in question.Moreover my wife is insulting me in front of everyone for not making sufficient money.I am on the verge of suicide.I do not know how face the needs of today. I have no savings to face tomorrow.Please pray for my family life to be peaceful.please pray that my financial needs are fullfilled soon . Please pray that I should be able to stand happily and bravely in front of my wife’s family’s prayer is not for becoming rich- I just need the money to meet my family’s expenses.may I request you to consider my condition and give me an answer very soon. Thank you my lord.Eugene.

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