prayer for financial independence and home security for my family

by Julio Cintron (New York Ny Usa)

Lord Jesus please hear me. As I speak I’m in deep sorrow my life feels as if the weight of the world rest upon my shoulders my marriage is in jeopardy due to constant arguing I’m currently in a family shelter with my wife and my youngest child and in danger of getting evicted I work everyday and save as much as I could which isn’t enough.

and spend the little that I could on food and necessities for my family. I also pay child support for my oldest son whom I love dearly but rarely see him due to constant working. I’ve been struggling for two yrs nows and its finally taking its toll on me.

Today I cried because I feel like I’m close to losing this battle all my hard work feels as if its slowly sinking down the drain and the thought of me and my family being tossed in the streets is tearing me up inside.

Lord I know I’m far from perfect and I am not worthy to even kiss your feet but I need your help Jesus if not for me for my wife and my children all I want to be is a good father and husband and raise a family the way you would want me to

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